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Population Projections

Population projections are estimates of the population for future dates. The U.S. Census Bureau produces U.S. population projections. The State Data Center also uses annual state and county projections produced by Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

Population Projections from Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

U.S., state, and county population projections are published by Woods & Poole every year. The projections are:

  • For the years 1970 to 2050
  • For total population, age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin
  • Benchmarked to most current decennial census
  • Assume that regional projections for employment and earnings will determine state and local population trends

How are Estimates Different from Projections?

Generally, projections are for future dates while estimates typically are for the past.

  • Projections must assume what demographic trends will be in the future while estimates generally use existing symptomatic data collected from various administrative sources
  • Sometimes the user may see both an estimate and a projection available for the same reference date, which may not agree because they were produced at different times. In such cases, estimates are the preferred data.

More Information

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