Official State of Iowa Website

State Data Center Network


Lead Agency

First Last Phone Number Email Address Agency
Gary Krob 800-248-4483 State Library of Iowa

Coordinating Agencies

First  Last  Phone Number  Email Address  Agency 
Liesl Eathington 515-294-1122 Iowa State University
Mike Oie 319-353-5982 University of Iowa
Mary Losch 319-273-2105 University of Northern Iowa

Affliate Agenices (Councils of Governments)

First  Last  Phone Number  Email Address  Agency 
Chandra Ravada 563-690-5750 East Central Intergovernmental Association
Chris Bowers 515-684-6551 Area 15 Regional Planning Commission
Chris Whitaker 712-792-9914 Region XII Council of Governments
Erin Berzina 712-279-6286 Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO)
Karen Kurt 319-289-0059 East Central Iowa Council of Governments
Kevin Blanshan 319-235-0311 Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments
Mark Lander 712-243-4196 Southwest Iowa Planning Council
Marty Wymore 641-752-0717 Region Six Planning Commission
Myrtle Nelson 515-423-0491 North Iowa Council of Governments
Rachelle Howe 319-864-7551 Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission
Ted Kourousis 712-262-7225 ext. 142 Northwest Iowa Planning Development Commission
Zachary James 319-753-5107 ext. 201 Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission

Affliate Agenices (State Agencies)

First  Last  Phone Number  Email Address  Agency 
Donna Burkett 515-242-5862 Iowa Workforce Development
Josh Jungling 515-281-4945 Iowa Department of Public Health